Top 3 Crime-Related Legal Questions From FindLaw Answers: Feb. 2015

Hot legal news! You’ve got questions… we’ve got answers. If you have not yet asked or answered a question in FindLaw’s Answers community, what are you waiting for? This amazing free resource supports a dynamic community of legal consumers and attorneys helping each other out. Simple as that.We see a lot of great…… FindLaw News – Top Stories


Robert De Niro Owes IRS an Uncool $6.4 M

Hot legal news! The Internal Revenue Service filed $6.4 million tax lien against Robert De Niro in response to the actor’s 2013 1040 filing. The lien, filed three months ago, alleges the 71-year-old actor owes $6,410,449.20 to the IRS — a sum possibly connected to his substantial real estate investments in New York…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Adrian Peterson’s Suspension Overturned; NFL Slapped Again

Hot legal news! Adrian Peterson and the NFL Players Association have won their appeal of Peterson’s indefinite suspension. A U.S. District Court judge has overturned an arbitrator’s ruling that previously upheld the NFL’s suspension of Peterson following his indictment on child abuse charges. The Peterson ruling comes three months after an arbitrator…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Indoor Slide at Rackspace Leads to Injuries, 2nd Lawsuit

Hot legal news! Fun workplaces are all the rage, but it turns out they can also be dangerous. Rackspace Hosting, a cloud computing company, installed a two-story slide at its Texas headquarters and is now being sued for the second time over injuries sustained on the slide. While the first slide-related lawsuit…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Military Court Reverses HIV-Related Aggravated Assault Conviction

Hot legal news! The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces has reversed the aggravated assault conviction of former Air Force Tech. Sgt. David J.A. Gutierrez for withholding his HIV diagnosis from sexual partners.The court cited medical experts who explained there is a 1 in 500 chance of contracting HIV through…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules: What Does This Mean for You?

Hot legal news! The Federal Communications Commission just voted, 3-2, to regulate Internet service providers like Comcast and Time Warner as “common carriers” under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. The vote caps off a period in which the FCC received an unheard-of 4 million comments to this proposal. There’s been…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Under D.C.’s Recreational Marijuana Law, What’s Legal, What’s Not?

Hot legal news! Recreational pot is now legal in Washington, D.C., to a certain extent. Initiative 71 took effect at midnight, after some 70 percent of District residents voted to approve the measure last fall. While some possession and private consumption of marijuana is now permitted in the capital, D.C.’s pot scene…… FindLaw News – Top Stories