5 Tips to Prevent Daytime Burglaries

Hot legal news! Kids are heading back to school, which may mean your house will be empty while you’re at work all day. Even if your neighborhood has never experienced burglaries, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Daytime burglaries are the most common and can be the costliest. Here are some tips…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/1X6CFdt


Birthright Citizenship — Can States Decide?

Hot legal news! Ever since the Fourteenth Amendment was passed in 1868, the U.S. Constitution has guaranteed the citizenship of any person born in the United States. But in the past few weeks, Republican presidential candidates have been calling for an end to birthright citizenship. How could a new president change the…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/1LFKMaD

When John Oliver Speaks, the Ninth Circuit Listens

Hot legal news! John Oliver’s ability to bring a lighter touch to serious topics has made his take-downs must see TV. The Last Week Tonight host can provide both laughter and awareness on important social and political issues. And apparently he can also provide the basis for legal judgments, after the Ninth…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/1JHgOiN

Malpractice Liability for Midwives

Hot legal news! Many mothers have extolled the virtues of midwives before, during, and after giving birth. And in the past few years, the number of expecting mothers using midwives has hit record highs. The vast majority of births using midwives are healthy, for both mother and child. But if something does go…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/1WXmRd0

Can You Adopt a Refugee Child?

Hot legal news! The current refugee crisis in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe has left many wondering how to help. Syrian refugees especially have been fleeing their homeland and making dangerous treks to Italy, Greece, and beyond. Many efforts to help have been focused on adopting Syrian children, and while some…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/1WXdl9G

5 Longest Prison Sentences in U.S. History

Hot legal news! Aurora, Colorado shooter James Holmes was recently sentenced to over 3,000 years in prison on top of 12 life terms. That could sound lenient (he did avoid the death penalty) or needlessly excessive (he’ll never serve that many years). But his is only the fourth-longest prison sentence in United…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/1PXfAVJ

Legal Advice From Cris Carter: Have a Fall Guy in Your Crew

Hot legal news! Cris Carter, who is a former all-pro wide receiver, current NFL broadcast personality, Hall of Famer, and most certainly not an attorney, nevertheless had some sage legal advice for NFL noobs at last year’s rookie symposium: “If y’all got a crew, you got to have a fall guy in the…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/1LGMA65