Double DUI? Drunk Driving Dad Arrested Twice in a Day

Hot legal news! Shockingly, a Massachusetts man, Steven Byrnes, was recently arrested twice in the same day for drunk driving. He was initially arrested for drunk driving while trying to pick up his 10-year-old son from school in the afternoon, which happened after arguing with officers who claimed to smell alcohol on him……. FindLaw News – Top Stories


Why Should Adopting Parents Hire a Lawyer?

Hot legal news! Making the decision to adopt a child is usually filled with positive emotions for most couples. That is, until they start looking into the process and get bogged down by the complexity.Adoptions are not simple. There is a lot of very important legal paperwork that needs to get done and…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Serial Rapist Darren Sharper Sentenced to 20 Years in Los Angeles

Hot legal news! The NFL has faced quite a few controversies on and off the field, but Darren Sharper’s crimes are among the most deplorable the NFL has seen. The former NFL player took a plea deal last year. Since his crimes occurred in multiple jurisdictions, each state’s court has issued a…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

DOJ Joins Fight Against Virginia Driver’s License Suspension Law

Hot legal news! In Virginia, a class action case is heating up as the Department of Justice has decided to enter the fight. The gist of the case is that in Virginia, if a driver fails to pay court costs or fines, they may have their driver’s license suspended without consideration of…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Can the President Make Flag Burning Illegal?

Hot legal news! Despite what president-elect Trump now thinks, burning and desecrating the United States flag is completely legal. On Tuesday, November 29, president elect Trump tweeted out that he believed people who burn the flag should lose their citizenship and face a year in prison. Could he ever make that happen?…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus Driver Sues Over Highway Drive-By Shooting

Hot legal news! This month, Lil Wayne’s bus driver filed suit against Peewee Roscoe, Young Thug, Birdman, as well as Cash Money Records and Young Money Records, alleging that all are liable for the emotional distress and other damages he suffered as a result of the attack on Lil Wayne’s buses in…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Liability Issues for Driving With ADHD

Hot legal news! Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, better known as ADHD, is a recognized medical condition that has seen a rapid rise in the number of annual diagnoses since the early 1990s. Among the primary symptoms sufferers experience is an inability to maintain focus, or attention, as well as impulsiveness. Since the rise…… FindLaw News – Top Stories