Is It Illegal to Jam Someone’s Phone?

Hot legal news! Jamming someone’s communications sounds like something straight out of science fiction. But with advancements in cellular and Wi-Fi technology, it’s quickly becoming science fact. Before you go out trying to shut down your neighbor’s cell service, though, you should understand that, according to the Federal Communications Commission, jamming cell phones…… FindLaw News – Top Stories


Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration: What Does It Mean When a Judge Issues a ‘Stay’?

Hot legal news! At the tail end of an already busy first week in office, President Trump on Friday issued an executive order banning the entry of all foreign refugees into the country along with nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries, including those with immigrant visas and possibly green card holders as well……. FindLaw News – Top Stories

NCAA and Big 12 Sued for College Football Concussions

Hot legal news! Football is one of those sports where the fans delight in the big plays and the big hits. But, over the last few years, after the controversy over player concussions and the link to long-term illness was exposed, big hits are now seen as big risks. This month, another…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

When to Plead Innocent in a DUI Charge

Hot legal news! Of course, if you were completely sober or you weren’t in actual physical control of a vehicle, you’re probably not guilty of driving under the influence. (And, of course, if either of those are the case, you’re probably not going to be charged with a DUI in the first place.)…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Small Biz Regulatory Reform in 2017

Hot legal news! Throughout the presidential campaign, many wondered how good a Donald Trump presidency would be for business. While some feared his unpredictability would send markets reeling, others, banking on his remarks and history as a business owner would mean good news for other business owners. And just over a week into…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

Hot legal news! Most of us look at a fender bender and think we don’t need a lawyer. Even victims in more serious car accidents will wonder if hiring an attorney is too expensive or worth the cost. And while it’s true that lawyers don’t often provide legal services for free, not hiring…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Telephone Scam Alert: ‘Can You Hear Me?’ — Don’t Say Yes

Hot legal news! The world we live in is not always what it seems. Simply put, just answering the phone can expose you to dangers from scam artists. The best we can all do is learn about the dangers so as to be ready to face them on a daily basis. The…… FindLaw News – Top Stories