Federal Criminal Prosecutions Fall to 20 Year Low

Hot legal news! According to new research released by the PEW research center, federal criminal prosecutions are on the decline. The new numbers show that federal criminal prosecutions have been on a consistent decline since 2011, and have even fallen to a 20 year low. Much of this is credited to the…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2nooUcm


5 Legal Tips for an Uncontested Divorces

Hot legal news! When it comes to divorce, there are two basic kinds: contested and uncontested. In the former, the parties seeking to dissolve their union fight out their issues over who gets what in court. In an uncontested divorce, the parties still have to go to court, but there is no fighting…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2nIViKf

Federal Judge Approves $25M Settlement for Trump University Victims

Hot legal news! A federal court judge has approved the $25 million class action settlement against Trump University. The case stemmed from allegations of fraud and misrepresentation, in essence claiming that Trump University provided no value to students, and worse, simply took advantage of students. The settlement actually resolves three separate cases…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2noniPY

Email Scam Targeting W-2 Forms Circulating at Schools, Universities

Hot legal news! A new type of phishing scam is circulating via email that’s targeting schools and universities. The scammers’ malicious game is likely to leave their victims beyond confused when they find out scammers did their taxes! Basically, the scam works like this: Scammers send HR departments emails attempting to get…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2no5ioB

Supreme Court: Retailers May Have Free Speech in Passing on Credit Card Fees to Customers

Hot legal news! Allowing customers to use credit cards at your store certainly boosts sales — it’s easy for customers to use, and they may be willing to pay more if they’re not counting each dollar out of their wallet. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it boosts revenue. Credit card companies charge retailers…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2nIMrIu

Wave of Celebrity Burglaries Hits Hollywood

Hot legal news! While the first quarter of 2017 has barely reached a close, the wave of celebrity burglaries that has rocked Hollywood this year has netted close to $3 million in stolen goods. The list of celebrity targets is both long and distinguished. Victims include notable personalities such as Alanis Morissette,…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2nofrSg

Can You Sue Your Parents for Child Abuse?

Hot legal news! Technically, the law permits a child to sue their parents as a result of child abuse. There are no special rules preventing this type of lawsuit. However, what a child considers to be abuse may not actually be legally considered abuse. Parents are generally permitted to punish their children, which…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2mWj9Hk