What Is Witness Protection?

Hot legal news! If you’ve watched just about any mob movie in the last 30 years or so, you’ve heard the phrase “witness protection program.” It either involves a former gangster going in (like the end of Goodfellas) or comically navigating his new life (like My Blue Heaven). There are all kinds of…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2tDAwMY

Bad Buffet: Chain Restaurant Owners Owe $6.1M in Wages, Taxes

Hot legal news! Ever wonder why buffets are such a good deal? Well, in the case of four Bay Area Chinese buffet restaurants — Golden Dragon Buffet in Brentwood, New Dragon Buffet in San Leandro, Golden Wok Buffet in Roseville, and Kokyo Sushi Buffet in Hayward — they could afford to keep their…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2t46AfZ

Federal Court Orders ‘Making a Murderer’ Subject Brendan Dassey to Be Released

Hot legal news! Brendan Dassey was just 16 when he was railroaded into confessing involvement in the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach. Those who watched his interrogation in “Making a Murderer” saw all the hallmarks of an impressionable and possibly mentally impaired teen harangued by officers until he gave them a nonsensical…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2tDBpVZ

Suing for Defamation: How Much Money Can You Win?

Hot legal news! Frequently, when individuals ask what their injury cases are worth, they are surprised to learn that there is no way for an attorney to answer that question without having access to accurate fortune tellers. Since fortune telling is all a hoax (if it weren’t, there’d be a lot more…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2rKMcfD

If Your Teen Joins a Gang, What Should You Legally Do?

Hot legal news! Parents do their best to keep their kids out of trouble. Sadly, the best isn’t always good enough. For a multitude of reasons, children can turn to rebellious, illegal activities during their teenage years, even going so far as to join gangs. If those gangs are engaged in criminal activity,…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2t41VtT

Can My Child Testify at a Divorce Hearing?

Hot legal news! The question of whether your child can testify in a divorce proceeding depends on several factors. Among the most important variables a judge will consider when deciding whether to allow a child to testify is their age and maturity. Basically, judges must ensure that witnesses are competent to testify,…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2rKW8FU

How Is Inheritance Handled in Divorce?

Hot legal news! Between the people and the property, there are a lot of moving parts in a divorce. And while we often focus, for good reason, on the easy-to-spot issues like custody, child and spousal support, and who gets the house, we often forget to keep our eye on smaller financial issues…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2t3r3RO