What’s the Penalty for Laptop Theft?

Hot legal news! Stealing a laptop comes in so many forms: breaking into a car or a home, or simply grabbing one that is in plain sight from an unsuspecting, or tuned-out, owner. What’s the crime for laptop theft? That depends on the jurisdiction and the laptop, but some states are saying…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2RL2HWp


When Is It Too Late to Challenge a Traffic Ticket?

Hot legal news! You didn’t think you were speeding. You definitely had your blinker on. And there’s no way you rolled through that stop sign without stopping. But here you are, pulled over on the side of the road, with an officer writing you a traffic ticket. She’s probably explaining your legal options…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2Eoo2lT

Harry Potter Amusement Park Ride Lawsuit Settles

Hot legal news! Tommy Fry was stuck on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride at Universal Studios Orlando for about an hour back in 2015, when the ride he and his two sons were on malfunctioned. Fry claimed to have been suspended upside down for this time, though the facts…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2PBnhXy

Michigan Man Found Guilty of Assault for Shooting at Teen Asking for Directions

Hot legal news! Homeowners generally have the right to defend themselves and their property in their own home. Specifically, the so-called “castle doctrine” says that a homeowner does not have a duty to retreat if they are in their home, though state laws may limit the amount of force allowed and require that…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2pTwwr1

Walmart to Pay $65M Settling Lawsuit Over Cashier Seating

Hot legal news! Walmart cashiers in California won a landmark victory in their class action suit, Brown v. Walmart, for the right to take a seat. Though denying any wrongdoing in this nine-year-old federal case, Walmart agreed to pay $65 million to nearly 100,000 current and former cashiers, preventing the case from…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2OssXXx

Airport Safety Whistleblower Wins Settlement

Hot legal news! Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is out nearly three-quarters of a million dollars for failing to listen to one of its manager’s safety complaints, and then retaliating against him when slapped with a Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) safety violation.The airport was hit with with a $735,000 penalty by the FAA…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2EiDaRA

Protect Yourself From Liability This Halloween Night

Hot legal news! Trick or treaters may be descending on your home in droves once the sun sets this Halloween. You may think you have your bases covered with candy and a lit Jack O’ Lantern. But before you sit back on the sofa and wait for the doorbell to start ringing,…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2IXlTw5