Times Square Subway Bomber Faces Terrorism Charges

Hot legal news! Akayed Ullah set off a pipe bomb in a section of the New York City subway system near Times Square during rush hour on Monday morning this week. The joking response was that it merely inconvenienced some hard-nosed New Yorkers on their way to work. But the terrorism charges…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2zdig1T


Tips for Choosing a Divorce Mediator

Hot legal news! Litigation can be time-consuming and expensive. And when it comes to divorce, those are two things you probably want to avoid. So how can divorcing couples avoid the lengthy court calendar and extensive filing fees? One option is divorce mediation, where both parties sit down with an independent mediator…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2C6Lmi2

Top 5 Christmas Crime Tips for Small Businesses

Hot legal news! While some small businesses are gearing up for the Christmas sale rush, others might be winding down for the holiday season. And whether you’re anticipating a rush of customers into your business or a flood of employees out on vacation, you also have to be on guard for the…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2jVd9v1

Houston Bounty Hunter Charged With Sex Trafficking

Hot legal news! On December 7, 2017, bounty hunter Luis De Jesus Rodriguez and his girlfriend Helen Leon Mesa were indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking by force, fraud, visa fraud, and coercion. According to San Antonio news station KSAT, the allegations are based on the recruitment and exploitation of…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2AU6cBK

Employers Prohibited From Asking ‘What’s Your Salary History?’

Hot legal news! In certain states, cities, and municipalities, new laws prohibit potential employers from asking job applicants for their salary history. These laws may also require employers to disclose their salary range if the applicant requests that information. The purpose of these new laws is to protect applicants from employment discrimination. Employers…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2yoV6Su

Lawyers and Consumers: Beware Fake Law Firm Websites

Hot legal news! More than ever, people are turning to the internet to find their lawyer. And, sadly, there are more online scams than ever. So it’s probably natural that scammers would start impersonating lawyers online. For years, the Department of Justice has been warning about fraudsters using real attorney names and…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2Al1Pib

Why Is Philadelphia Outlawing Bulletproof Glass in Stores?

Hot legal news! Most have us, at some point in our daily lives or travels, have come across a shop serving its customers through bulletproof glass. Maybe it was a gas station or a convenience store, but the assumption is always pretty similar — this must be a rough neighborhood, and this…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2ACYLly