New Laws Small Business Owners Should Know in 2018

Hot legal news! Last year was a busy time for small business owners. Between federal action on tax and immigration to state action on minimum wage and family leave, it might’ve seemed like you spent more time trying to keep pace with legal updates than running your small biz. Well, here’s the…… FindLaw News – Top Stories


Is Doxing Illegal?

Hot legal news! Depending on your point of view, releasing a person’s identifying information on the internet might be one of the few ways to hold someone accountable for hateful actions or an avenue to unleashing hate upon an undeserving someone else. Trying to out white supremacists who participated in political violence?…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Starbucks Wins ‘Underfilled’ Lattes Lawsuit

Hot legal news! Starbucks customers are pretty fussy when it comes to their daily fix. That much was evidenced by fans of their lattes filing a class action lawsuit claiming the coffee chain was shorting them on their steamed milk. “Starbucks lattes are uniformly underfilled pursuant to a standardized recipe,” the suit…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Can I Get Fired for Not Taking a Lunch Break at Work?

Hot legal news! Most of us work hard at our jobs, trying to get things done and make a positive impression on our bosses and colleagues. Many of us even work right through meals, skipping lunch to be more productive. Part of that motivation comes from knowing that we could be fired…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Manhattan Misdemeanor Charges No Longer Require Bail

Hot legal news! The money bail system, under which a criminal defendant may be required to post a cash bond to secure his or her release from jail before trial, has come under increasing scrutiny in the past few years. Critics claim that jurisdictions were using automatic bail requirements to raise municipal…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Top 3 Legal Issues for Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’ Defamation Claim

Hot legal news! As you may have heard by now, journalist Michael Wolf’s “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” has caused quite a stir. The president was not too pleased with the work, and lawyers for Trump and the book’s publisher traded some entertaining letters over it. (And, of course,…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

NC Congressional Map Unconstitutionally Gerrymandered, Circuit Rules

Hot legal news! Last month, researchers from the Electoral Integrity Project scored North Carolina’s overall electoral integrity at 58/100, placing it alongside the likes of Cuba, Indonesia, and Sierra Leone in terms of fostering free and fair and democratic elections. Not exactly the best of company. So bad, in fact, that those…… FindLaw News – Top Stories