Laundry Pods Cause More Death to Adults (with Dementia) Than Kids

Hot legal news! Laundry pods, brightly-colored packets of detergent supposed to make washing clothes easier, can pose a significant poisoning risk to children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates there were around 32,000 calls to poison help lines in 2015 for children ingesting candy-resembling laundry pods. But it turns out those…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Common Crimes Committed by Drug Addicts

Hot legal news! Drug addiction can be tragic, and can take a personal toll on addicts and their families. And when the addiction spills over into the criminal realm, it can impact their communities as well. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, almost a quarter of prisoners incarcerated on property and drug…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

John Oliver Sued for Defamation by Litigious Coal Company

Hot legal news! When John Oliver committed 24 minutes of last week’s Last Week Tonight episode to the coal industry in general and Murray Energy Corporation CEO Robert E. Murray in particular, he knew he was courting a lawsuit. “I’m going to need to be careful here,” Oliver began, “because when we contacted…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Road Trip Laws for Gun Owners

Hot legal news! Summer is here, which means it’s road trip time! And if packing up the car, truck, camper van, or RV includes packing a firearm, that means taking a little more care on the nation’s highways and byways, legally at least. Gun control laws can vary significantly from state to state,…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

What Is Discovery in a Lawsuit?

Hot legal news! Individuals that are thinking about filing a lawsuit are often confused by the various parts of a lawsuit. One of the more confusing parts of any lawsuit is discovery, or the exchange of facts and evidence between the parties. Discovery is the legal term used to describe the different…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Can a Lawyer Get Me a Better Plea Bargain?

Hot legal news! When it comes to the criminal justice system, most people accept the fact that a plea bargain is the only guaranteed way to avoid more serious consequences. Despite a person’s innocence, accepting a deal is often the most expedient, and certainly the most certain, end to a scary situation……. FindLaw News – Top Stories

Liquor Wholesalers Have Exclusive Pot Distribution Rights in Nevada, for Now

Hot legal news! Any time states move from marijuana criminalization to legalization, there are a multitude of legal issues to work out first. Not the least of which are: who can buy, who can sell, and how much. But some of the smaller questions turn out to be the hardest to answer. Like,…… FindLaw News – Top Stories