Legal Checklist When Your Kids Leave for College

Hot legal news! It’s about that time — your nest is about to get a little emptier. There are a lot of emotions that can bubble up when a child goes off to college, much of it is apprehension and fear for their wellbeing. And while you might be focusing on the physical,…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Costco’s $19M Lesson: Only Tiffany & Co. Sells ‘Tiffany’ Rings

Hot legal news! Everyone’s favorite big box warehouse retailer, Costco, is learning a very expensive lesson in the jewelry business: There’s big difference between a “Tiffany” ring, and a ring with a “Tiffany setting.” The difference is so great, Costco’s going to have pay Tiffany & Co. nearly $20 million. World famous…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

5 More Tips for Protesting (Legally)

Hot legal news! In the wake of mass demonstrations during the 2016 Republican National Convention, we prepared a little primer on protest related laws. And after the tragic and horrifying events in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend, we thought it might be time to round up some more questions, answers, and tips for…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Not-So-Invisible Ink: Tattoo Lawsuit Still Under NBA 2K’s Skin

Hot legal news! If you can remember back that far, in early 2016 a tattoo studio sued a video game company for depicting NBA players’ tattoos for which they had allegedly not paid licensing fees. In the realm of fringe copyright lawsuits, this was one of the strangest — after all, it wasn’t…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Taylor Swift Awarded $1 in DJ Groping Lawsuit

Hot legal news! With all the allegations flying between pop singer Taylor Swift and former Denver radio DJ David Mueller, it can be hard to keep them all straight. Lucky for us, a jury spent four hours sorting through the claims and counterclaims, and eventually came out on Swift’s side. The singer was…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Can You Withdraw From a Joint Account During Divorce?

Hot legal news! Married couples frequently hold bank accounts jointly. When a couple divorces, the marital property and assets, including joint bank accounts, must be divided. But do you have to maintain that joint account during the divorce process? Many divorcing individuals are often confused about the rules for joint bank accounts…… FindLaw News – Top Stories

Long Beach to Pay $85K in Settlement After Police Forcibly Removed Woman’s Hijab

Hot legal news! How does an apparently routine traffic stop turn into an $85,000 settlement? When an arresting officer allegedly forcibly removes a Muslim woman’s hijab, requiring her to have her head exposed overnight in a jail cell, in plain view of other male officers and dozens of inmates, and have her publicly…… FindLaw News – Top Stories