‘Golden State Killer’ Suspect, an Ex-Cop, in Custody

Hot legal news! For at least 10 years, a serial rapist and killer terrorized both Northern and Southern California, committing an estimated 50 rapes in the Sacramento and Contra Costa areas during the mid-1970s and murdering at least 12 people in Orange County and Santa Barbara from 1979 through 1986. Dubbed, at…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2HqUDIE


Stan Lee Sued by Massage Therapist for Sexual Assault

Hot legal news! Stan Lee has created a lot of iconic characters over the years — some good, some bad. But in a recent scandal out of Chicago, the Marvel Comics legend is the one at the center of the story, and he is certainly not depicted as the superhero. Rather, Lee is…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2qVwi2G

Pastor’s ‘Blessing’ Caused Brain Injury, Lawsuit Claims

Hot legal news! Most church-goers expect their place of worship to be a source of healing and spiritual renewal. But one Georgia woman claims her pastor’s blessing did far more harm than good when it caused her traumatic brain injury. Now, the woman is suing the church and the pastor as she continues…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2r1ozjL

Citizen’s Tip Led to Waffle House Shooter’s Arrest

Hot legal news! Alleged Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking is now in custody, after construction worker Lydia French dialed 911 when she spotted him emerging from the woods near her worksite near Nashville, Tennessee. Reinking did not answer questions or provide police with a statement, leaving the motive for the shooting, during…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2HqWWLN

What Should I Wear to My Court Appearance?

Hot legal news! If you’re being sued for no reason or innocent of criminal charges, you want a jury to find in your favor on the merits of the case, not what you happen to be wearing. Then again, if you listen to what criminal defense lawyer Harvey Slovis has to say,…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2qWQzpr

Trump’s Attempt to Delay ‘Gas Guzzler’ Fines Blocked by Federal Court

Hot legal news! Since 1970 the Environmental Protection Agency has had the authority to set national emissions standards for automakers limiting the hazardous air pollutants from cars. And under prior regulations, manufacturers were fined $55 for each mile per gallon they fell short of annual Corporate Average Fuel Economy targets set by…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2HtgUFW

Can Police Unlock Phone With Dead Man’s Finger?

Hot legal news! With advances in technology come new legal and ethical dilemmas. Animal cloning, space colonization, and DIY gene therapies come to mind. But there are also plenty of legal questions surrounding the use of your basic smartphone. For example, in a new twist, police officers in Florida attempted to unlock a…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2HpLjAP