Honolulu Enacts ‘Distracted Walking Law,’ Bans Texting While Crossing the Street

Hot legal news! By now you should be pretty familiar with the penalties for texting while driving. Almost every state has distracted driving laws that penalize drivers for being on their smartphones while behind the wheel. And we see these laws as necessary for keeping other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians safe. But what…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2hgOH8u


Legal Tips to Get Your Kids Out of Foster Care

Hot legal news! If a parent ends up in a situation where they cannot properly care for their children, the children may be placed in foster care. But those situations may not always be permanent. While there are instances where parental rights have been terminated, those rights can be reinstated under the right…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2f1r5nP

40 Jacksonville Businesses Sued for Disability Discrimination

Hot legal news! Bono’s Pit Bar B Q, Wally’s Gyros & Subs, Captain D’s, Sheik The Restaurant, and Mr. Dragon Chinese Restaurant are just a few of the 40 Jacksonville, Florida-area establishments named in discrimination lawsuits by double-amputee Wanda Moore and her chiropractor/attorney Robert “The Law Doc” Gibson. The lawsuits claim the businesses…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2hhEdWj

Man Tased by Colorado Police Receives $110K Settlement

Hot legal news! Tasers are often viewed as a non-lethal alternative to subdue criminal suspects, but they are far from perfectly safe. Victims have suffered miscarriages, brain damage, and even death. Therefore, tasers should be used rarely and only with good reason. It turns out that a man asking “What for?” while his…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2eVguKT

How Often Do Rape Charges Lead to Sex Crime Convictions?

Hot legal news! A new report from the Idaho State Police paints a pretty bleak picture of the state’s efforts to prosecute rape: just four percent of reported rapes in Idaho result in the accused being convicted of a sex crime. Only 24 percent of reported sex offenses statewide resulted in an arrest…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2ha1WaY

Virtual Kidnapping Scams on the Rise

Hot legal news! Few things are as terrifying as the thought of a loved one, especially a child, being kidnapped. So when the phone rings and someone says they have your daughter and will kill her immediately if you hang up or fail to wire $10,000, most parents will do whatever is possible…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2h68SWO

Types of Illegal Price Advertising

Hot legal news! After it came out this week that Amazon, like airlines and Uber before it, employs surge pricing on its products, consumers were rightfully peeved — why should the same product cost more just because more people want it, especially when that price hike isn’t being passed on to the product’s…… FindLaw News – Top Stories http://ift.tt/2h9JdMF