Spliff-Worthy Seven: Your 4/20 Marijuana Law Roundup

Hot legal news! Getting high today? You and everyone else. Want to avoid the paranoia associated with wondering if you’re getting high legally? We got you covered. Here are our top seven marijuana law questions and some advice for keeping 4/20 legal, just in time for the premiere of “Super Troopers 2.”…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2qLoxgi


Prince’s Doctor Fined $30K for Illegal Drug Prescription

Hot legal news! Many Prince fans are still reeling from the singer’s death two years ago. Whether your favorite Prince song was “Purple Rain,” “When Doves Cry,” or a lesser known hit, the news of his death at age 57 was a shock. While investigators are still deciding whether or not to charge…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2Je4kXF

Family Sues Resort Pool for Wrongful Death Drowning

Hot legal news! There’s a special pang of anxiety that the sight of a pool causes in the hearts of parents with small children. And with good reason, since there are countless stories of children drowning or being severely injured around them. One Ohio family experienced this nightmare last year when their four-year-old…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2JeXG31

Can You Get a Disorderly Conduct Charge Dropped?

Hot legal news! So, you stayed out later than planned, had a few too many margaritas, and got arrested for having a loud, one-man dance party in the streets of your quiet neighborhood at 3 a.m. Or maybe you refused to stop shouting angry insults at every person entering the local grocery store……. FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2HfiICg

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Will?

Hot legal news! There’s an old adage that says you get what you pay for. Essentially, something that’s free is of little value, and things that cost more are higher in quality. And while that’s generally true, there are always exceptions, and there are instances where you can get the same quality…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2qSXr6z

Is It Legal to Sell Biohacking Tech or DIY Gene Therapies?�

Hot legal news! You’ve probably heard of a wide variety of DIY projects before — home renovations, car mechanics, furniture builds, and the like. But what about more scientific DIY projects? Can you experiment with DNA and DIY gene therapies? Is it legal to sell these and other biohacking tech? With biohacking gaining…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2Hi5K2s

Drug Dealer’s Fingerprints Lifted From WhatsApp Photo

Hot legal news! Don’t do crime. That’s our official stance. But if you’re going to disregard our advice and do crime, don’t do crime on your smartphone. And if you’re going to do crime on your smartphone, maybe don’t use it to take pictures of your hands holding drugs and send them…… FindLaw News – Top Stories https://ift.tt/2qN3Ujj